Excellence in Audiology:
Our Commitment to Your Hearing Health

Embark on a journey towards exceptional auditory care with Total Hearing, where our dedication to precision and expertise shapes every aspect of our service. Experience the difference that comprehensive, personalised hearing solutions can make in your life.

1. Why Us

At Total Hearing, we’re devoted to providing expert care that goes beyond the ordinary. We understand the often underestimated importance of hearing, and our commitment is to proactively value and safeguard this vital sense. Each client’s hearing journey is personalised and initiated with the utmost care, guided by our profound understanding of the intricate ear system.

2. What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is our investment in cutting-edge equipment, exceeding industry standards to deliver tests that provide a thorough analysis of your hearing and symptoms. If hearing aids are recommended, we employ the latest technology, following evidence-based protocols to maximise their effectiveness.

3. Masterful Precision in Hearing Services

In the realm of hearing care, Total Hearing stands out as a service-oriented field, placing a strong emphasis on the pivotal role of our skilled clinicians in hearing aid programming. The key to the difference between hearing marginally better and significantly better lies in precise programming, overseen by our dedicated clinicians. We adhere to rigorous fitting protocols, consistently updating and reviewing them every six months to ensure the optimal outcomes for your hearing aids. Your hearing deserves nothing less than expert care, and that’s exactly what Total Hearing is here to provide.

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Why Choose Us

In the realm of our five senses, hearing is often overlooked until challenges arise. The ear, an intricate system with interconnected parts, demands specialised attention. At Total Hearing, our commitment surpasses the ordinary. We advocate for personalised care, marking the inception of your unique hearing journey. Our distinctive and comprehensive approach not only fosters optimal hearing health but also enhances cognitive well-being.

Each client’s hearing journey receives individualised attention. Our thorough assessments enable us to diagnose and recommend tailored treatments for symptom relief. What sets us apart is our investment in cutting-edge equipment, surpassing industry standards. This commitment ensures comprehensive analyses of your hearing and symptoms. If hearing aids are recommended, we employ the latest technology, following evidence-based protocols to maximise their effectiveness. You can read more about our hearing aids here.

Experienced Audiologists

Our audiologists, with vast expertise, guide you towards the optimal pathway for your needs. We prioritise providing top-notch care, informed by the latest research and employing cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure significant improvements in your hearing.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our carefully designed assessments aim to diagnose auditory system ailments. Based on these findings, our expert audiologists will guide you towards a tailored pathway for optimal recommendations.

Impartial Solutions

As an independent hearing clinic, we offer unbiased opinions. Whether you need a hearing aid, surgery, or wax removal, our dedicated team is here to assist you.

Trusted partner for ENT specialist

Our collaboration extends to several prominent Ear nose and throat consultants, who choose us as their preferred referral source for additional audiological intervention when needed.

Meet The Team

Founder and Lead Audiologist


Mr Rekesh Patel

As the founder and lead audiologist of Total Hearing (formerly known as Fresh Hearing Wimbledon), Mr. Rekesh Patel brings over 12 years of dedicated expertise to audiological care. His career journey, rooted in both NHS and private sector experiences, has evolved through prestigious roles on Harley Street and other private institutions, culminating in the establishment of Total Hearing. Holding a Master’s degree in Audiological Science from UCL, Mr. Patel is committed to evidence-based practices aimed at maximising benefits for each client. Specialising in diagnostic audiology, he excels in expert fitting and verification of hearing aids, providing precise and effective solutions. This well-honed approach has successfully assisted hundreds of patients across the UK, reflecting Total Hearing’s commitment to delivering unparalleled audiological care.

Meet Our Secretarial Team

At the heart of Total Hearing’s seamless operation lies our dedicated remote secretarial team, a dynamic group of professionals committed to enhancing efficiency and productivity from behind the scenes. The team boasts extensive experience within audiology and is here to help you with any requests, big or small.


Rebecca Banks


Paige Martin