Safeguarding Your Hearing:
Advanced Protection Against Loud Noise Exposure

Loud noise exposure is the second largest contributor to hearing loss in the UK. Repeated exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss over time and affect the way you hear.

At Total Hearing Wimbledon, we provide the most up to date hearing protection, whether you are a professional musician, or just enjoy going to live concerts, we have something that will suit your needs. Our protection and enhancement products are the first step in an effective hearing conservation program and will aim to prevent hearing damage in the future.

Hearing Protection Services

There is a wide variety of products which can protect your hearing and at Total Hearing Wimbledon, we are here to advise you on the best options for you.

We offer custom fitted noise plugs, sleep plugs, Motorcycle ear plugs, in the ear monitors ( for musicians) or swim plugs

Custom Fitted Noise Plugs

Custom filtered plugs are unique ear plugs which are custom made to fit your ears perfectly. They come in a variety of noise filters going from a 10 db reduction to 25db reduction to suit all noise level. As the custom plugs are customised to your ears, we can guarantee a superior fit, comfort, protection and noise attenuation. The custom filters are interchangeable, so your one set of ear plugs can be used in a variety of settings.

Custom Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Dependent on the size of your engine, Motorcyclists can be exposed to very high levels of noise, leading to hearing damage. In addition to the engine noise, travelling at high speeds will also create a lot of wind noise. Motorcycle ear plugs are made with comfort in mind and are designed to be worn with helmets. This provides the user with both comfort as well as protection from loud noise.

Custom Swim Plugs

Due to the strong chemicals used in swimming pools we are increasingly finding that swimmers are having greater irritation to the ears after a session. Additionally, pools can also harbour harmful bacteria which multiply in the patients’ ears and can cause ear infections.

Made to measure or custom swimmers ear plugs are a great solution to protecting your ears. As they are made to measure, they have a comfortable fit and will prevent water from going into your ears stopping any irritation or infections.

Swim plugs come in a wide variety of colours, including solid, marble effect, neon colour and can even be made to change colour or glow in the dark.

Custom Musicians Ear Plugs – In the Ear Monitors

For a musician, hearing isn’t just a means of communication – it’s a way of life.

Due to the constant exposure to loud noise, an increased number of musicians are having hearing loss as well as tinnitus. Musician ear plugs are a highly sophisticated set of ear plugs which protect you from the loud noise whilst giving you the feedback needed whilst playing live music.

Custom Sleep Plugs

Do you find that your partner snoring is keeping you awake? Or do you have noisy neighbour’s keeping you from your beauty sleep? If so, sleep plugs could be a very good option for you.

Sleep plugs are custom made ear plugs made from a very soft silicone for comfort. They block out 25 to 30 decibels of sound and may be the answer for a good night’s sleep.

Ready to Protect Your Hearing?

Let’s find the perfect fit for you! Contact us today to explore your options and ensure your ears are safeguarded.