Irrigation and Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Services in Wimbledon by Total Hearing

Are you seeking relief from a blocked ear or impacted ear wax? Look no further than Total Hearing, where our specialised Audiologists offer professional ear wax removal services. Our skilled Audiologists are extensively trained in advanced techniques like Irrigation and Microsuction, ensuring a safe and efficient process to clear your ears and restore comfort. At Total Hearing, we take pride in our commitment to expert removal, and our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the smiles of our happy clients and over 180 5-star Google reviews.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise and Experience

Total Hearing boasts a team of skilled audiologists, including the founder, Mr. Rekesh Patel, who brings over 12 years of expertise in audiological healthcare.

Safe and Effective

At Total Hearing, we utilise a Surgical Grade ENT microscope, for unparalleled precision. This advanced equipment offers a significantly enhanced magnification, ensuring the safe and effective removal of ear wax.

Efficient and Swift

Our ear wax removal sessions typically take just 20 minutes, requiring minimal preparation beforehand. We suggest applying a drop of olive oil the day before your appointment for optimal results.

Understanding Ear Wax and Desquamation

Your ear canal naturally produces cerumen, commonly known as earwax, to protect against dust, foreign particles, and microorganisms. The cerumen glands generate this sticky, often yellow substance, creating a crucial barrier for the delicate structures within the ear. As part of the ear’s self-cleaning mechanism, the ear wax captures debris, preventing it from reaching deeper into the ear canal.

Over time, the ear wax undergoes a process called desquamation. Desquamation refers to the shedding or peeling of layers, in this case, the shedding of old ear wax. As new layers of ear wax form, the older wax is gradually pushed out of the ear canal. This natural process helps maintain ear hygiene by eliminating accumulated debris.

Despite this self-cleaning mechanism, disruptions in desquamation can lead to a buildup of earwax, causing blockages and discomfort if left unattended. Factors such as the shape of the ear canal, excessive hair, or the use of hearing aids can contribute to the interference of this natural process.

Experts in Ear Wax Removal

At Total Hearing, we stand out as your premier choice for expert ear wax removal for several compelling reasons. Our skilled and trained specialist audiologists are proficient in both Irrigation and Microsuction procedures, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cater to diverse needs. What sets us apart is our utilisation of medical ENT microscopes, offering superior magnification compared to the common loupes used by makeshift earwax removal clinics. This advanced technology guarantees clear visibility and accurate depth perception, significantly enhancing the safety of the procedure.

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to expert removal, promising a pain-free experience and swift elimination of earwax blockages. Our dedication to providing exceptional ear care has earned us over 180 5* Google reviews from delighted clients, a testament to our proven track record of satisfaction. Choose Total Hearing for a combination of skill, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to your well-being that goes above and beyond.

Evolution of Ear Wax Removal

Historically, clinicians used metal syringes for earwax removal (syringing). Today, we employ advanced methods like Microsuction or Irrigation at Total Hearing for a safer and more effective experience.

Ear Wax Removal Using Irrigation

Irrigation syringing ear wax removal Total Hearing Wimbledon

Irrigation is a highly effective process, particularly for soft, sticky wax. This procedure utilises water to gently expel wax from the ear canal, regulated by a sophisticated machine. While the sensation may be unusual, the process is painless, and your specialist, using an otoscope, monitors the removal for optimal safety.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction gentle microscope ear wax removal Total Hearing Wimbledon

Microsuction is a sophisticated procedure using gentle suction to remove wax and debris. Your Total Hearing specialist employs a highly magnified ENT scope and a probe for precise removal.

The microscope and the probe suction allow for an accurate removal of even the most stubborn of wax. Microsuction is extremely effective in removing large and hard debris and is a very quick, painless procedure. Due to the accuracy and ease, microsuction is the preferred choice of both patients and our team at Total Hearing Wimbledon.

Ear Wax Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We charge £60 for ear wax removal for one ear and £80 for both. If ear wax removal is not performed, we charge a £30 consultation fee.

How common is ear wax blockage?

Ear wax blockage tends to occur in around 10% of the population and affects all ages of people.

How often do I need to get my ears cleared?

This is a very common question asked by people. We often recommend getting your ears checked once a year and if there is excessive wax, it should be removed in order to stop blockages. If there is a healthy amount of wax, this should be left, as it is required to maintain a healthy eco system. In some cases some individuals will require regular earwax removal, and our specialists can advise you on this.

Is ear wax removal painful?

EarWax removal is generally a very gentle procedure, whether it’s done by irrigation or microsuction. If the wax is heavily impacted and hard, you may have slight discomfort. To avoid discomfort, your specialist may use some drops to soften the wax or it is recommended to put in a couple of drops of olive oil the day before your appointment.

Wherever possible, our specialists will try and avoid any discomfort and if required they will recall you for a second follow up appointment which is covered by your initial payment.

I think I have an ear infection, is it still worth coming for an appointment?

If you think you may have an ear infection, we still recommend booking an appointment. At the appointment your specialist can check your ears and confirm if you have an infection. If there is discharge, it is recommended to have microsuction as this can effectively remove any debris in the ear and will reduce some of your symptoms.

Why do you charge if there is no wax present in the ears?

We charge a small consultation fee for ‘no wax’ so as to cover some of the costs incurred with the appointment such as the audiologist’s time to diagnose and analyse the health of your ear. Your specialist will also offer you advice if there is no wax present.

Do hearing aids create more wax?

Hearing aids do not create more wax, but, it is very common for hearing aid users to have wax blockages. By wearing a hearing aid, there is a disruption of the natural process of wax expulsion thereby causing wax to accumulate in the ear. This wax can often become hard and impacted causing blockages which can adversely affect your hearing or cause ear infections.

Can I use an ear candle to deal with wax in my ear?

We strongly recommend that you never use ear candles as a way to remove wax from your ears. Apart from not actually removing any wax, ear candling can be very dangerous and can cause perforations or facial burns.

Is it necessary to soften ear wax prior to my appointment?

Often this is not required as our audiologist would be able to gently perform earwax removal without softening the wax. If you would like, you put a couple of drops of olive oil the night before your procedure.

For expert ear wax removal services in Wimbledon, trust the trained specialists at Total Hearing.

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