Seamless Diagnostic Audiology:
Collaborative Care for Accurate Assessment

After consulting with your general practitioner (GP) or Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist, you may have been advised to undergo additional tests to assess your auditory system for a more accurate diagnosis.

Total Hearing specialises in diagnostic audiology and collaborates with various consultants in and around the Wimbledon area. Your evaluation will be conducted at our audiology clinic, and the results will be promptly transmitted to your GP or ENT specialist for a comprehensive assessment.

Navigating Insurance Claims for Your Diagnostic Hearing Tests

If you possess medical insurance, you may explore the option of making a claim to cover the costs of your diagnostic tests. To initiate this process, it is essential to obtain a pre-authorisation code before your scheduled appointment. Simply contact your insurance provider, referencing the name of our lead clinician (Mr. Rekesh Patel) or the provided identification numbers, specify the tests you’ve been referred for, and mention the name of the referring consultant. It is crucial to furnish us with this information ahead of your appointment.

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Diagnostic Audiology Tests

The testing takes place in our state of the art audiology clinic where your audiologist will perform a range of tests in order to assess the health of your ear determining the presence, nature and extent of hearing loss. This will help your health care professional to accurately diagnose a range of hearing related or balance conditions. 

Our specialists have vast experience and will explain each of the tests before they are performed. Once the tests have been performed, your audiologist will explain the results and will provide you with the next steps. The outcome of your visit will mean that you are much clearer about your hearing and your results will be promptly transmitted to your GP or ENT specialist. 

Understanding Your Hearing Test Procedures:
A Detailed Guide

If you would like to understand what some of your tests will entail, we have listed our testing procedures below.


Specialists use an otoscope to examine and assess the health of your ear canal.

Enables the specialists to analyse the health of your ear

Pure Tone Audiometry (Hearing test) with Air Conduction, Bone Conduction & Masking

Test Overview
Evaluates hearing sensitivity across a frequency range (250Hz to 8000Hz).

Involves listening to sounds through headphones, responding by pressing a button for each sound heard.

Typically completed in 20-30 minutes.


Test Overview
Painless, objective test for assessing middle ear function.

Involves placing a small plug in the ears to record middle ear pressure.

Aids in diagnosing middle ear conditions like “glue ear,” eustachian tube dysfunction, or perforations.

Speech Audiometry

Test Overview
Diagnostic assessment of speech discrimination.

Involves repeating sentences presented through headphones or loudspeakers.

Aids in diagnosing speech discrimination difficulties or auditory processing disorders

Want to Learn More About Your Hearing Test?

Discover the specifics of how we assess your hearing health. Contact us to delve deeper into our testing procedures and understand the care you’ll receive.

Provider Registration Details

Mr. Rekesh Patel is registered with most healthcare providers.

If required, his provider numbers are provided here and can be passed onto your insurers.

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