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If no wax is found, our audiologist will assess the health of your ears

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10% Discount for NHS, Fire Service, Police and Teachers

Hearing Assessment


10% Discount for NHS, Fire Service, Police and Teachers

At Total Hearing Wimbledon, we provide the highest quality of service and advice to ensure you get the right assistance with your hearing. If you think you’re starting to miss out on important things because of your hearing loss or ear wax, come see us.

Our specialists have extensive experience in ear related pathologies and would be able to assist you.

If you have an ear wax blockage, our specialists are trained to remove it safely and without pain. We utilise a Clinical ENT Microscope which enables us to safely remove the blockage. We recommend putting a couple of drops of olive oil the day before you attend your appointment. Nothing more!

Our hearing assessments includes a number of tests which are designed to get a better understanding of how your ears are functioning. The results are explained within the session and your specialist will be able to advise if anything further needs to be done

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